Wild Camp Discovery

This three-day sea kayak adventure is truly a unique experience. Explore Ísafjarðardjúp bay in all its glory, searching for marine mammals and elusive sea birds. Enjoy dinner on a remote beach and sleep on a peninsula surrounded by breathtaking wildlife, beautiful sunsets, colourful flora and rich history.

Ísafjarðardjúp bay is truly a special place in many ways. The bay offers the chance not only to see, but to paddle amongst the diverse wildlife that calls Iceland its home. Millions of sea birds such as Puffins, Eider Ducks, Guillemots and Oyestercatchers flock to these shores to breed, as well as the opportunistic Eagles and Falcons which are looking for prey. Whales, dolphins and seals are often seen in the bay, and the serenity of the kayak is by far the best way to seamlessly immerse yourself into the environment.

Our guides will keep you entertained with many facts, stories and pieces of local gossip.

This trip is suitable for beginner kayakers. If you are in good physical shape and have a thirst for adventure, then you will do very well on this trip.

My son and I had a wonderful time kayaking with Borea Adventures. We had 3 great days learning about the Iceland coastline environment from our guide, who was also a great cook serving homemade chili and roasting leg of lamb. The fjords around Isafjardardjup were beautiful and our day excursion to Vigur Island was great fun.We want to return to Iceland and explore the Hornstrandir Nature Preserve in north-west Iceland sometime in the future. 

Bruce C. Tripadvisor, Sept 7, 2018



  • All food
  • Tents
  • Car transfer to the fjord on the first day
  • Kayaking gear (kayak, paddle, neoprene pants, dry top, spray skirt, life vest, paddling boots, paddling gloves and additional dry bags)
  • Professional guide

Not included:

  • Travel to and from Ísafjörður prior to and after the trip
  • Food on the first day until the trip departs
  • Personal medical insurance
  • Personal equipment and clothing


Difficulty: Moderate.

Day 1

We meet at our base in Mávagarður C (grey building) at 1pm for a briefing, where we will answer any questions and make final preparations. At 3pm we begin the scenic 45 minute drive to the head of Seyðisfjörður fjord. After packing our kayaks and a short safety briefing we begin kayaking under the imposing mountain Hestur with its steep cliffs and unique shape. After a couple of hours, we land at the very point of Folafótur peninsula, set up camp and have dinner while enjoying the panoramic views across the bay to the snowy mountains of the Snæfjallaströnd coastline.

Distance: 9 km

Day 2

We enjoy a hearty breakfast and then we’re off! Today we explore the stunning island of Vigur and the rocky peninsula of Hvítanes. Vigur is home to thousands of breeding sea birds and we meet the people who live symbiotically with them. We learn about what life on the island is like and enjoy the incredible views while eating our lunch. We then head south towards Hvítanes. A colony of curious harbour seals are often seen ‘hauling out’ on the rocks. This is a method seals use to regulate body temperature by bathing on the rocks, but also affords us a good look at them out of the water! Then back to camp for dinner and sunset views.

Distance: 18 km

Day 3

After breakfast and breaking camp, we pack our kayaks and paddle back to Ísafjörður. Along the way we pass Kambsnes peninsula and can see the small village of Súðavík in the distance before crossing the fjord and following the coastline all the way back into the harbour in Ísafjörður. We arrive back in town at approximately 4pm, in time for the afternoon flight for those flying back to Reykjavík.

Distance: 18 km

This itinerary is a guide only and is subject to change depending on the weather, sea conditions and the ability of the group.

Remember the less you bring, the easier it is. There’s plenty of space in the kayaks if you pack wisely.

  • Thermal base layers, at least two sets of tops.
  • Wool or fleece thermal mid layer.
  • Hiking pants. We don’t recommend cotton as it is cold and takes a long time to dry.
  • Waterproof and breathable pants and jacket for hiking onshore. The lighter - the better.
  • Wool/fleece hat.
  • One pair of warm gloves for camp.
  • 2 to 3 pairs thick wool/synthetic socks.
  • Light hiking shoes for strolls in and around camp.
  • Sleeping bag rated to at least 0°C. Down is best since it packs smaller than synthetic.
  • Sleeping mattress. A thin inflatable one is best as it easily fits inside the boat.
  • Sun glasses.
  • Sunscreen and after sun cream.
  • 1 litre water bottle.
  • Personal medical kit i.e. band aids, throat lozenges, lip salves, sea-sickness tablets etc. Don't forget your personal medication which you may need (e.g. Asthma inhaler, even if you don’t always need it).
  • 2 x Drybags*
  • Binoculars are nice to have for watching wildlife. (optional)
  • Don't forget your camera!

*We use dry bags to keep our personal gear dry, especially sleeping bags. We have a small selection of dry bags which you may use but you should bring at least two of your own. Test it to make sure that all of your gear all fits inside!

We supply all paddling gear and clothing. However, feel free to bring your own if you have it available. Your personal gear is guaranteed to fit perfectly and it is comfortable. We recommend good dry pants and top with rubber cuffs or at least a 3mm neoprene wetsuit with a windproof top. A full dry suit is definitely best but can be pretty warm and cumbersome on sunny days but great to have if things get rough. Footwear should preferably be neoprene boots with ankle support and thick soles to safely negotiate the rocky shoreline. Neoprene gloves, mittens or pogies are great at keeping your hands warm.

We use neoprene wetsuits on our trips. However, you can upgrade to a dry suit if you would prefer.

We also have sleeping bags and sleeping pads available to rent. Please select this option during the booking process.

I've been looking into your exciting kayaking trips and I really want to see whales. What is the best trip for that?

Whales are more common in Ísafjarðardjúp Bay. So, this trip would certainly be a good option if you would like to see whales!

What kind of kayaks do you use?

We use plastic sea kayaks. We have both single and tandem kayaks available. We highly recommend using tandem kayaks for our multi-day trips as they are faster, more stable, hold more gear and a lot more social than the singles! Tandem kayaks are not only for beginners, in fact, experienced kayakers will know that tandems are a better choice for longer trips. However, if you have experience then of course the single kayaks are available.

My kayaking experience is limited but I do a lot of outdoor activities and consider myself in good physical shape. Do you think I'm fit to participate in this trip?

Yes, we do. This is not a very technical sea kayaking trip (no surf landings, big swells or strong currents) and people with little experience but in good physical shape, normally do very well. We urge you though to paddle as much as you can before the trip. Wind can be strong in Iceland in general, so be prepared to paddle in windy conditions.

Do you sleep in tents on this trip?

Yes, we do. We supply the tents but you should bring your own sleeping bag and mattress. If you prefer to stay in the comfort of a house, we recommend Glacier Fjords Kayaking where you spend one night in Hesteyri and two nights in Kvíar farmhouse.

I have specific dietary requirements and/or allergies to certain foods. Can you cater to my needs?

Of course, we realise that we’re not all made the same and have different needs and desires. We try our best to cater to your needs. Please let us know ahead of time if you have any requirements so that we can plan the food accordingly.

I don’t have everything on the gear list. Is it possible to rent gear from you?

Yes, we have certain items available for rent. You can rent a sleeping bag, sleeping pad and a dry suit from us if you would like to. Select this option during the booking process.

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