Longer kayaking tours

Browse our selection of longer kayaking tours. Ísafjörður is surrounded by scenic mountainscapes and brilliant water, so kayaking around here is always a great experience.

We currently run four multi-day sea kayaking trips with different character to make sure you can find the adventure you're looking for. 


First is the Glacier Fjords Kayaking, where we stay in huts for three nights and paddle through beautiful fjordscapes and scenery. This is a perfect trip for those who like the simplicity of staying in huts instead of camping. We stay one night in the old Doctor's House in Hesteyri, where rich history lies behind every stone. On day two, we pack our boats and make a nice journey to Kviar Lodge, an abandoned farmhouse that Borea has re-built. There are many options for beautiful kayaking in that area. The Drangajökull Glacier is nearby and the breathtaking fjord of Lónafjörður. 


Perfect kayaking in the big bay of Ísafjarðardjúp.


The second trip is Coastal Kayaking Adventure, which is a camping trip for three days. That advanture is a great option if you want to fully immerse yourself in nature and love the camping lifestyle. We start with a passenger boat journey to Kviar Lodge where we pack the boats and head across the bay and along the beautiful shoreline of Höfðaströnd and end hte day in Grunnavík Bay. We camp on the beach and hopefully enjoy the midnight sun touching the horizon. The second day, we make our way around the headland of Bjarnarnúpur and enter Ísafjarðardjúp, the largest fjord system in Iceland. We pas numerous watefalls that cascade down the cliffs before setting up a camp in one of our favourite spots. The on the third day, we will visit two of the main islands in the bay, where thousands of puffins reside in the summer. 

I did a 6 day kayak trip guided by Sigrun (joined by Anula for the second half of the trip). The guides were clearly highly skilled and looked after us perfectly. They communicated the plan clearly each day and adapted routes and timings to accommodate the skills of the group and changes in weather. They looked after us very well during the whole trip with quality camping and kayaking gear, fantastic food and simply great company. I would completely recommend Borea to anyone planning to visit the area.
Jenny, Netherlands via Tripadvisor


The third trip, Paddle in the Wild is a combination of the two trips above. So you will enjoy exploring the area for six days. Highly recommended for those looking for the ultimate adventure.  


Exploring the coastline close to the headland of Bjarnarnúpur.


The fourth trip we offer is called Wild Camp Discovery and it's a perfect introduction to sea kayaking and camping in the wild. We explore the wildlife of Ísafjarðardjúp Bay for almost three full days and get to know the seals, puffins and other birdlife and there is a good chance to spot humpback whales. We will set up camp for two nights in Folafótur (e. Horses Leg) Peninsula which is a great camping spot with many options for day trips away from camp. 



Feel free to send us an e-mail at info@borea.is for any further info.