Hike to and stay at Galtarviti Lighthouse

Galtarviti lighthouse is situated in a remote corner of Iceland, the small cove of Keflavík. Just a little north of Súgandafjörður, this isolated cove faces the open Atlantic Ocean. It's a spectacular camp spot, with a variety of animals and birds, and even elves and trolls.

The trail to Galtarviti starts from Skálavík Cove, goes up through Bakkaskarð Pass, onto the mountain top of Göltur and over to the south side overlooking Súgandafjörður. Along the way, the guide will tell stories of local conditions and events.

The trail continues down Norðdalur Valley, down to the coast and to the lighthouse.

At the lighthouse, hikers will sleep one night at the lighthouse. Sleeping bags are provided. Dinner will be served, followed by fireside stories and songs (if there are singers among us!). Guests are invited to help with dinner preparations.

In the morning, the hikers return up Norðdalur Valley, walk along Göltur on the north side and enjoy the great view and history of the area. The trail ends back in Skálavík. The hike is about 6-8km each day and with elevation gain of 550 m.

Day 1: Meet up at Bræðraborg café and drive to Skálavík, ca. 40 minutes. Once we arrive at Skálavík we hike over the mountain into Keflavík, where we spot the lighthouse Galtarviti. Some activities, dinner and an evening campfire before a well deserved sleep in the lighthouse.


Day 2: Wake up, spend some time in Keflavík before hiking back up the valley and over into Skálavík, with a scenic stop at the mountaintop.

Good, warm clothing, sturdy hiking boots, water bottle and a small backpack.

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