Westfjords Multi Day Tours

Borea Adventures offers a wide selection of great experiences in the wild nature of Westfjords. We're the experts when it comes to hiking, skiing, sea kayaking, wildlife and other adventures in harmony with nature. Feel free to browse through our trips. We also love to customize various combinations that fit your taste. 

Coastal Kayaking Adventure

A true 3 days wilderness kayaking trip in the beautiful nature of Ísafjarðardjúp Bay. The bay is famous for its rich wildlife where you can experience the best Icelandic nature has to offer.

Great chance to see whales, white tailed eagles, and guaranteed to spot thousands of sea birds like puffins, eider ducks, kittiwakes, razorbills, guillemots, oyestercatchers and many waders that live close to the sea shore.

Glacier Fjords Kayaking

A luxury four day kayaking trip where we spend the nights in houses in beautiful places in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. Spectacular kayaking and wildlife during the day and nice comfort in the evenings. 

Hike to and stay at Galtarviti Lighthouse

Galtarviti is situated in a remote corner of Iceland, the small cove of Keflavík. Just a little north of Súgandafjörður, this isolated cove faces the open Atlantic Ocean. It's a spectacular camp spot, with a variety of animals and birds, and even elves and trolls.

Hornstrandir Traverse

Three days’ wilderness hiking and luxury camping in the astonishing landscape of Iceland where nature has ruled the land for the last 70 years. Experience the sheer cliffs of Hornbjarg, rich birdlife, arctic foxes, wild flora and glorious camping in our basecamp.

Hornstrandir Wild Life

The six-day tour in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve offers adventure seekers the perfect opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Situated on the North West tip of Iceland, the area has the only way to be reached - by boat.

Hornvik Height & Sights

This two-day hiking trip in the heart of Hornstrandir gives an opportunity to explore one of the biggest bird cliffs in the North Atlantic, enjoy panoramic views from mountaintops, observe the curious Arctic Foxes and spend the night in a cozy tent.


Ísafjörður Ski Touring

This four-day skiing trip in the fjords surrounding our picturesque town of Ísafjörður, does not require boat access and sea transfers. Ísafjörður offers many great mountains, the comfort of good food and a nice place to stay in the town center.

Kviar Ski Lodge

This six-day tour offers great backcountry skiing in Iceland from mountain tops to the sea. Flexible itinerary where we use boats to access the best ski locations and search for the best snow conditions. Accommodation in our lodge in Kvíar.

Lost Fjords

This six-day backpacking and camping trip in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is a perfect chance to experience wildlife and enjoy untouched nature of Iceland. At the coastline the relentless power of the ocean has molded towering sea cliffs, richly populated by birds.

Midnight Sun and Arctic Foxes

Nature and wildlife exploration in Kvíar Lodge. The valley of Kvíar and the coastline is teeming with life in the summer and the area is also perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities. 

Paddle in the Wild

This six-day kayaking journey offers a great chance to experience the best of both worlds; the wild fjord system of Jökulfirðir (en. Glacier Fjords) and the coastline of Ísafjarðardjúp Bay. These areas are considered to offer the best sea kayaking in Iceland.

Sailboat Skiing

This is a six-day backcountry skiing expedition to Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in the West Fjords of Iceland - only a few miles from the Arctic Circle. The main focus goes on backcountry skiing between the remote fjords, anchoring in a different spot every night.

Yoga and wild foods in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Enjoy nourishing yoga sessions, outdoor activities and a complete culinary experience of foraged foods in Hornstrandir, to blow away the cobwebs and refresh you from the inside out.