COVID-19 Information

With the lust for adventure and exploring the natural world being pretty much off the table in 2020, we’re looking forward to better times in the coming year. We’re pleased to see more requests coming in with people like you making plans for adventures in the near future.

Iceland has handled the pandemic pretty well and has never lost control of the spread. We’ve had close calls but things are definitely looking good. The main reasons are that the general public follows the Health Directorate advisory, we’re a small nation and the most sparsely populated nation in Europe.

We at Borea have taken some steps to ease your mind and boost your confidence in traveling to Iceland.

Small Groups – Big Adventures

We’ve always liked small groups to maximize safety, personal experience and creating a good vibe between your traveling companions. This has become even more important with the current situation. 

Remote or Sparsely Populated 

You might argue that Iceland as a whole is a remote destination. But the Westfjords are even more remote and you can fell alone (not lonesome though!) almost anywhere in the area. Since most of our adventures take place in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, you can rest assured that you won’t find yourself in a crowded place.  

Sanitation and Protection

We take your safety and the safety of our staff very seriously. So we've pledged to comply to the Iceland Tourist Board safety guidance when mitigating the risk of infection. 
  • We follow the authorities' recommendations and comply with current rules on infection prevention.
  • We place great emphasis on cleaning and infection prevention and follow the guidelines of the Directorate of Health.
  • We clean all contact surfaces regularly and perform all our cleaning with utmost care.
  • We regularly inform and train our staff about increased emphasis on cleaning and infection prevention.
  • We inform our customers about our emphasis on cleaning and infection prevention.
  • We place great emphasis on personal hygiene; hand washing, use of hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves.
  • We pay close attention to physical distancing. We use contactless solutions, if possible.
  • We encourage our customers to pay close attention to personal hygiene and infection prevention.

Travelling to Iceland until 1. May

Before arriving to Iceland, you need to register with less than 72 hours before arrival and bring a PCR test that is not older than 72 hours. See here: 
After your arrival to Iceland, you're complied to take a free COVID test at the airport. The system is very effective and quick. Then you need to take another test 5 days later and that test can be taken in various locations in Iceland. Between the tests, you need to quarantine as for now. You're allowed to go for a drive, walks etc. but not meet other people that are not part of your travel group. More information regarding the measures that have been taken in Iceland for your safety and tourism can be found here:
Bear in mind that these rules might change and it's best to check for updates on the official website mentioned here above. 

Travelling to Iceland after 1. May

After 1. May new rules will take place that make it easier to travel to Iceland. In short, passengers from low-risk countries (green or yellow countries) will be exempt from quarantine and a second screening if they can provide proof of a negative PCR test prior to departure. A map of Europe that shows the current colour codes can be found HERE.  

Arriving passengers who are in possession of valid documentation that proves prior infection or vaccination against covid-19 are exempt from all screening and quarantine measures. 

The following certificates are accepted at the border for exemption of presenting a negative PCR-test and quarantine:
1. Confirmation of vaccination against COVID-19 that fulfil certain requirements: See requirements HERE.
2. Certificates of previous COVID-19 infection that fulfil the requirements set forth by the Chief Epidemiologist. Certificates are accepted whether they originate from countries within or outside the EEA-area.

All further information can be found on that is updated with the latest developments as they happen.

Special Booking Conditions for your Ease of Mind

Last season we had many people changing, postponing or cancelling their trips due to the virus. We're very grateful how many of you decided to move your bookings to a later date and we are certain that we will be able to go full force the coming summer. For your ease of mind when booking a trip with us, we have updated our BOOKING CONDITIONS if the virus will still be causing problems during the spring and summer. 
All the best, stay safe and healthy and we hope to see you soon!
The Borea Team