Our Luxury camp in Hornvik Bay


Hornvik Bay is truly the gem of Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. This big bay is home to roughly six million sea birds in the summer in two of the biggest bird cliffs in the North Atlantic. This is the kingdom of the Arctic fox that roams the mountains and the sand beaches in search for food.

On the edge of Hornbjarg Cliffs

 After Hornstrandir were abandoned in the 40's, the nature has ruled the land. With no roads or domestic animals, the area has been taken over by the wild flora and millions of sea birds. Then of course the protected arctic foxes. 

Mt. Kálfatindar offers great climb to the top on a good trail all the way

There are many beautiful hiking routes out of Hornvik Bay that makes our camp a very strategic destination to enjoy the best that the area has to offer. The combination of the wild landscape from mountain tops to the sea, the solitude and the abundnace of wildlife really makes this area very unique in Iceland.

Above the abandoned farm of Horn. Hælavík Cliffs in the background

Our basecamp in Hornvik is truly a haven for adventurers that want more comfort on their travels. Big and spacious sleeping tents with insulation and beds are a real treat. And our heated mess tent is perfect for meals and sharing stories after a great day out in nature.

Adventures and services in our basecamp in Hornvik

  • 35 sqm heated cooking tent with sitting area
  • Running water and kitchen facilities
  • Sturdy two person tents with beds
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Few Kayaks or SUP's for easy paddling in the evenings
  • Comfortable and warm sleeping bags provided
  • Two of the biggest bird cliffs in the North Atlantic
  • Six million sea birds nesting in the summer
  • Midnight sun that last forever
  • Arctic foxes that are very easy around humans
  • Beautiful hiking in pristine wilderness

Welcome to Hornvik!