Expeditions in Greenland

If you dream of sailing in the North-Atlantic, seeing unique sights and experiencing the raw nature of the Arctic Circle, these expeditions are just the thing for you. These exclusive trips have extremely limited availability, and are for that reason, among many others, in high demand. If you have any questions about these trips, or are interested in booking them, please send us an email.

Greenland Arctic Fjordscapes

This eight-day adventure is suitable for anyone interested in experiencing the magic of late summer in Greenland onboard the expedition sailing yacht Aurora. Cruising in the sheltered ice-filled fjords of the Angmagssalik area, we welcome people of all ages.

Greenland Forbidden Coast

The stretch of coast between Angmagssalik and Scoresby Sound is considered one of the most challenging in Greenland. The mountains rise almost vertically from the sea to form a narrow bulwark, with rifts through with active glaciers expel large quantities of ice. 

Jan Mayen Sailing

Thirteen-day exclusive expedition to the volcanic island of Jan Mayen where you experience the wild nature of this isolated arctic island. Are you ready to to set sail on the expedition of a lifetime?

Wilderness Paddling in East Greenland

There is no better way of exploring the dramatic coastline and fjords of Greenland then in a kayak. The rugged landscape, jagged peaks and gigantic icebergs makes us humans small in comparison. On this expedition we will experience the best Greenland has to offer. The wild coast of East Greenland is where you can enjoy the total silence – only interrupted by the sound of a whale spout or breaking ice bergs. We will visit small Inuit settlements where time almost stands still for these tough people of the Arctic. The campsites offer panoramic view over the vast fjordscapes filled with ice and soaring peaks above us. Welcome to one of the last frontiers of the world.