Day hikes

The Westfjords are characterized by steep mountains, valleys and narrow fjords that are perfect for easy hiking and challenging mountain climbs with panoramic view over the magnificent landscape and the sea. Our trips are put together using our many years experience in hiking and climbing in the area, so we can give you great experience.   

Valley to Valley is relatively short mountain walking day tour between the valleys of Seljalandsdalur and Hnífsdalur that are close to Ísafjörður. The trip offers a great view from the mountain pass of Þjófaskarð and then easy descent down the lush valley on the other side.

Jökulfirðir Panorama is a full day hike in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, that starts with a nice boat ride across the bay to the head of Veiðileysufjörður fjord. Form there we head up into the mountains and enjoy a great hike in the wild nature and end by the abandoned farm of Kvíar where we meet the Arctic foxes that live close by. We´ll have a nice dinner in the farmhouse before a boat transport back to civilization.

The self guided trip Day in Hesteyri is perfect for those who want to wander on their own. You spend the day in Hesteyri where once was a thriving village until the late fifties. Guests take our scheduled boat trip in the morning and can spend the day hiking and enjoying the nature on their own. A small leaflet with suggested hiking routes is provided. Our boat Bjarnarnes will arrive in the late afternoon for a transport back.