Calm Water Kayaking

Sea Kayak Trip in Iceland

Perfect for Beginners

A wonderful experience for beginners and veterans alike, this tour takes you paddling just beneath the magnificent mountains that tower over our small town. This trip is a perfect half-day activity. Experience the majesty of our fjord from a unique angle.

Our guides will be sure to tell stories of history, folklore and life in a small town close to the arctic circle. During the summer, we can expect to see many sea birds including Oystercatchers, Arctic Terns, Eider ducks and of course the curious colony of seals who call Ísafjörður their home.


I did the calm water kayaking tour. All the equipment was provided, including things I did not know I would need.
The weather cooperated and everyone had a relaxing time in the water enjoying the scenery around Ísafjörður.

Mississauga, Tripadvisor 2017


Meeting point: Our base at Mávagarður C (grey building) close to the Eastern Harbour. 

Departure: 9:30 AM. Be there half an hour before departure time.

Guaranteed departures: We have guaranteed departures every day.

Minimum age: 12 years.

Group size: We need a minimum number of 2 participants to operate the tour. Maximum group size is 8, but most of our tours are between 2–6 people.

Trip Difficulty: Easy.

Duration of trip: 2.5 hours.

Included: All kayaking gear and professional guide.



The journey begins at our base at Mávagarður C (grey building), where you meet your guide and gear up. We then walk down to the shore behind the old houses in Neðstikaupstaður, where we have a short safety briefing and paddling lesson.

And then we’re off! We explore the fjord keeping a good lookout for various bird species and seals. We spend approximately 2 hours on the water before heading back to our base at Mávagarður C.

  • Warm woollen or fleece clothing including top, bottoms and socks. Please avoid cotton as it keeps you cold when wet and takes a very long time to dry.
  • Sturdy shoes, no flip flops!
  • Sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen, it can get sunny up here!
  • Water bottle.
  • Don’t forget your camera!

Can I bring a camera/phone with me?
You can bring cameras and phones to capture those great moments. However, as we all know, water and electronics don’t mix very well. We at Borea hold no responsibility over your personal electronics. That being said, we have very few accidents and you’re unlikely to drop or damage your items if you're careful. We recommend using a waterproof case.

Will I get wet?
Our kayaks are very stable and capsizes are rare, therefore, you’re unlikely to get soaked. But it’s important to remember that we are kayaking and it’s normal to get caught by a few splashes. Our kayak gear will keep you somewhat protected but getting a little damp is normal.

Will I see seals?
There is a colony of seals which live in the fjord and they are often seen sunbathing on the rocks or swimming around the kayaks, they are very curious. However, we don’t guarantee that we’ll see them as they’re sometimes out hunting fish.

What kind of kayaks do you use?
We use plastic sea kayaks. We have both single and tandem kayaks available. We highly recommend using tandem kayaks for our trips as they are faster, more stable and a lot more social than the singles! Tandem kayaks are not only for beginners, in fact, experienced kayakers will know the benefit of tandem kayaks. However, if you are an experienced paddler, then of course the single kayaks are available.

I have never kayaked before or have limited experience; can I still join the tour?
Definitely! Our kayaks are very stable and easy to use. We will give you very easy and clear guidance and make you feel very comfortable. If you have any worries, then please feel free discuss this with your guide beforehand.

How do I get to Ísafjörður?
Here you can see your options on how to travel to our beautiful town: How do I get to Ísafjörður

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