Day tours

Westfjords Day Tours

At Borea you can find a variety of day tours, including hikes, kayaking, mountain biking and skiing.  Our guides are filled with experience and knowledge of the surrounding area, and a day trip with them is bound to be an adventure, whether you take our boat to Hornstrandir for a hike, paddle or bike around the fjord or simply hike the mountains surrounding the town!
Take a look at our day tour schedule HERE, and don't be afraid to send us an e-mail at if you have any questions.

Around the Walls

A half-day mountain biking trip around the beautiful area around Ísafjördur. An off-road tour which leads you through Icelandic ‘forests’ and along avalanche protection barriers, with short single track for beginners and few short downhill sections.

Bike and Kayak Combo

A full-day combining two of our classic tours. Enjoy a peaceful paddle along the bustling shoreline in the morning, and an exhilarating ride along our bike trail in the afternoon.

Calm Water Kayaking

A half-day sea kayaking tour between the towering mountains around Ísafjörður, Northwest Iceland. This journey is perfectly suited to beginners and those looking for an exciting introduction to the great sport of sea kayaking.

Green Cliffs of Hornstrandir

A full-day hike for those seeking to experience the nature and history of Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. With breathtaking views over the whole Ísafjarðardjúp bay, we walk along the tops of the beautiful cliffs while looking out for the many Icelandic bird species.

Hornstrandir Panorama

A great full-day hiking tour in the pristine wilderness of Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. The hike takes you on a journey through the pristine environment of the nature reserve, up lush valleys, some snow fields and glaciated landscapes with panoramic views before descending down to Kviar Lodge. 

Peaks of Thieves Ski Touring

This is a backcountry skiing journey in the beautiful mountains surrounding our town, Ísafjörður.  It gives a panoramic view of exciting fjords and the open sea. The mountains around Ísafjörður offer the perfect grounds for skiing, both for beginners and experts. 

Two Fjord Kayaking

A full-day sea kayak journey in the pristine waters of Ísafjarðardjúp Bay in the Westfjords of Iceland. Wildlife is everywhere, panoramic views all around and the history of this unique area is clear to see. This is a great trip for kayakers with some experience.

Valley to Valley

The view over the picturesque town of Ísafjörður and the sheer mountains on each side is spectacular, and takes on a different shape with every step. This is a stunning half-day hike up one valley, over a small pass and down into the next.

Wildlife and Arctic Foxes

A full-day tour in the famous Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, which is home to the elusive Arctic Fox. We learn about and hopefully get a chance to observe the Arctic Fox in its natural habitat.

Wildlife of Vigur Island

A full-day trip, perfect for all nature lovers who want to experience the Icelandic wildlife from a different angle. The ‘silent’ nature of the kayak seamlessly blends in to the environment to experience the wildlife at it’s best.