Hornvik in Iceland

Hornvík Bay is truly a nature lover's paradise. The lowlands is the prefect habitat for many species of waders like redshanks, golden plovers, redneck phalaropes and sandpipers to name a few. The bird cliffs of Hælavíkurbjarg and Hornbjarg are two of the biggest cliffs in the North Atlantic that about 5-6 million seabirds call their home in the short sub-Arctic summer. On these cliffs there are the world's largest colonies of Common Guillemot and Brünnich Guillemot but also major populations of Kittiwakes, Razorbills and Fulmars. The cliffs are also nesting grounds for Puffins and many species of sea gulls. Gannets have also been spotted in the last few years.



The king in this beautiful area is with no doubt the Arctic fox that is protected in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. They roam the mountains and along the beaches in search of food and are pretty relaxed around humans. You should hide your food while you're away hiking!

There are many breathtaking viewpoints in Hornvík that you should not miss during your stay.

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