Rúnar Karlsson

Owner - Guide

Runar holds a degree in geography and started his guiding career as a mountain biking and hiking guide in the summer for different adventure companies in Iceland. He also worked as a tourism consultant for few years but felt it was time to put his skills into practice and put up an adventure operation in cooperation with other good people.

Rúnar was a boy scout when he was younger and learned to love the outdoors, especially the mountains. Skiing, ice & rock climbing and kayaking are his favorite sports and a part of his job. He has for years led mountaineering and avalanche SAR courses for the Icelandic Rescue Team Association.  

Among other things, he has scaled 6000 m peaks in Peru, done skiing and kayaking expeditions in Greenland, climbed in the Alps few times and done paragliding in the Pyrenees. 

Rúnar has finished WFR first aid training, holds a BCU 4 star kayaking certificate, has finished his marine CTCW training to be qualified as a professional crewmember and Canadian Level I and Level II avalanche training.

His great experience and expertise means that you're in safe hands. 

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