Our professionals

Rúnar Karlsson

Rúnar is a geographer and the head guide of Borea. He loves all sports where a helmet is an essential part of the game.

Hákon Jónsson

Hákon is young but experienced guide who is a an outdoor person with a very happy, positive personality. He lights up the environment with his bubbly spirit. 

Kristján R Guðmundsson

Kristján is our head captain that's been working with us through many seasons. He was born on sea and his life is all about sailing. He will take you to safely to places that you can not imagine. 

Nanný Guðmundsdóttir

Nanný is the smiling manager of Borea Adventures. 

Sigrún Auðardóttir

Sigrún is a local girl that grew up with cross country skis under her feet and kayaking the fjords. She is one of the strongest and most easy going spirit among our staff and fun to be around. 


Örvar Dóri

Örvar is a young but experienced guide of Borea. His easy-going spirit and laughter is infectious!