Our professionals

Rúnar Karlsson

Rúnar is a geographer and the head guide of Borea. He loves all sports where a helmet is an essential part of the game.

Andrea Valgerður Jónsdóttir

Andrea works at Bræðraborg Café and is an expert in making everything beautiful around her. Her artistic personality lights up the environment. 

Andri Pétur Þrastarson

Andri is one of our great members of Bræðraborg Café. He was born with magical skills in coffee making and the biggest smile known in Iceland. 

Hákon Jónsson

Hákon is young but experienced guide who is a an outdoor person with a very happy, positive personality. He lights up the environment with his bubbly spirit. 

Heiðdís Lára Viktorsdóttir

Heiðdís is one of our fabulous kitchen staff members and is known for her perfect coffee and delicious lunchpacks. She will greet you with a smile!

Katrín Sif Kristbjörnsdóttir

Katrín is a head of cooking department in Bræðraborg Café. This is not just work, it's passion, - she says.

Kristján Rafn Guðmundsson

Kristján is the captain of Bjarnarnes, our cute boat. He was born on sea and his life is all about sailing. He will take you to places that you can not imagine. 

Margrét Lilja Vilmundardóttir

Milla takes care of the marketing of Borea. After moving from Reykjavík to the beautiful Westfjords, her passion became to get more travellers to discover the magic of Westfjords. 

Max Wainwright

Max is one of our lovely, adventurous guides, who loves to kayak and hike in our beautiful Westfjords. In between guiding happy tourists, he runs up the mountains like the wind. 

Nanný Guðmundsdóttir

Nanný is the manager of Borea Adventures. She will give you not just healthy food but a warm welcome.

Ragúel Hagalínsson

Ragúel loves the nature and all outdoor sports. He runs up mountains, skis down steep mountains and kayaks like a king. You will have an unforgettable experience with Ragúel as your guide. 

Ronja Lundberg

Ronja is one of our joyfull, adventurous guides, that we have never seen without a smile. You can be sure that all trips that she's guiding will be something to remember. 

Sigrún Auðardóttir

Sigrún can make you coffee, take you an a spectacular hike or go kayaking with you.  It will be fun, either way :)


Tómas Ari Gíslason

Tómas is an office worker and master of the booking system at Borea. He'll make your adventure carefree.

Örvar Dóri

Örvar is a young but experienced guide of Borea. His easy-going spirit and laughter is infectious!