About Bræðraborg

Best Café and Restaurant in Westfjords Iceland

Delicious Food and Cozy Atmosphere

Early in the spring of 2012 we opened a coffee house. To stay on track with our philosophy, we "recycled" the old name of the house and used Bræðraborg for the place. With a "Café" in the end. The name in loose translation means "Brother's House" and got stuck to the building after two brothers opened up a watchmaker's shop and a chandlery shop there in 1907.

We start early in the morning to bake and cook, because everything that we offer is freshly made in our kitchen. In the morning we serve fresh baked bread and cakes, delicious coffee and breakfast that keeps the energy up for the adventure of the day. During lunchtime we always serve at least two different meals, fit for vegetarians and meat lovers.

Bræðraborg Café is a haven for travelers organizing their travels in the Westfjords. If you’re looking for adventures, you should drop by and check out our trips, or get info on conditions and weather if you’re planning your own. The highly professional staff will try to assist you the best they can. The afternoons is also a good time to drop by and seek advice from other travelers over a cold Icelandic beer and tell stories of your experience in the Westfjords.